Our go-to skincare saviour for anti-ageing is retinol. There’s no debating that. And although this by-product of vitamin A is acknowledged as an all-star ingredient in skincare, a topical utility of the identical can irritate your pores and skin. For those who’re searching for an ingredient that provides all of the pores and skin advantages that retinol does, with out irritating the pores and skin, we’ve bought simply the one for you — revinage. A milder, plant-based various to retinol, revinage is a skincare hero that provides a number of advantages. Maintain studying as we record down the distinction between retinol and revinage, and which one you might want to decide relying in your pores and skin sort.

  • Do you might want to transfer on from retinol?
  • Does revinage provide the identical advantages as retinol?


Do you might want to transfer on from retinol?

Identical to each different ingredient, retinol is not completely good. Whether it is triggering irritation, redness, or irritation on the pores and skin, drying out or peeling the pores and skin, inflicting sporadic breakouts on the face, intensifying your melasma (patches of discoloration) or weakening the barrier or your pores and skin, it is time you contemplate changing it with an all-natural various. And in case you’re pregnant, it’s essential to keep away from retinol. In keeping with dermatologists, vitamin A derivatives can intervene with fetal improvement and result in start defects – which is why we’re introducing you to revinage.


Does revinage provide the identical advantages as retinol?

Does revinage offer the same benefits as retinol?

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Sure! Revinage gives the identical advantages as retinol! Identical to retinol, revinage combats skin-ageing by tightening and firming the pores and skin, and diminishing the looks of wrinkles, strains, and blemishes. It reduces the manufacturing of melanin, brightens the face by lowering pigmentation, strengthens the barrier of the pores and skin, and soothes irritation as effectively. Simply how a lot energy does this ingredient pack?

Not solely does it serve the identical advantages as retinol, it counters the antioxidant’s shortcomings flawlessly. It doesn’t finish there. The science-backed retinol-like lively is secure to make use of throughout being pregnant as effectively. Versus retinol – which takes about 6-8 weeks to indicate outcomes – revinage takes impact in 28 days. And you’ll add it to your A.M routine as effectively – not like retinol. Are you able to make the change?