After spending all day underneath the blazing solar, all you need to do is run into your house, activate the air conditioner and benefit from the chilly air. However, do you know that sitting in an air-conditioned room for an prolonged time period could make your pores and skin extraordinarily dry? It’s because air conditioners are recognized to suck the moisture from the air, which ends up in your pores and skin dropping its moisture too. If you happen to’re trying to know extra about how air conditioners have an effect on your pores and skin, learn on.
  • Dry and itchy pores and skin
  • Untimely ageing
  • Pores and skin problems


Dry and itchy pores and skin

Air conditioners are likely to do away with all of the moisture in a room. As they aren’t selective concerning the moisture they get rid off, they suck the moisture out of your pores and skin as effectively. This impacts the dermis, and makes your pores and skin very dry. In case your pores and skin just isn’t sufficiently hydrated, fixed dryness will ultimately have an effect on its inside layers. Your pores and skin will find yourself stretching, which in flip, will make it itchy and flaky.

Dehydrated pores and skin

With air-con, the temperature of the encircling space is lowered to about 18 to 26 levels Celsius. This makes your physique scale back the manufacturing of sweat in any respect areas, besides the underarms, palms and soles. In consequence, the toxins stay inside the pores and skin and don’t get secreted. It additionally reduces the oil manufacturing of your pores and skin, which ends up in uninteresting, unhealthy, dehydrated pores and skin.

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Untimely ageing

Premature ageing

Water is your pores and skin’s finest buddy, because it helps keep its elasticity. When AC’s take away the humidity from a room, your pores and skin loses its moisture, and begins shrivelling. It will definitely loses its elasticity as effectively. The fixed loss and lack of alternative of water from the pores and skin tissues lead to dry and chapped pores and skin that’s susceptible to creating creases and wrinkles.

Pores and skin degeneration

Individuals most frequently step out of an air-conditioned atmosphere into the scorching warmth exterior, or stroll into an air-conditioned place from the sweltering outdoor. This sudden shift from one temperature to a different can show to be very irritating to your pores and skin, because it impacts and damages the pores and skin’s means to regenerate. In case your pores and skin is continually underneath stress like this, it can battle to deal with the adjustments in its atmosphere, and received’t regenerate the way in which it’s presupposed to, which can ultimately trigger it to grow to be undernourished, and uninteresting.


Pores and skin problems

Skin disorders

Air conditioners make your pores and skin so dry that it finally ends up turning into itchy and flaky. In some instances, the pores and skin turns into pink, develops rashes, and begins peeling off. If you’re already affected by eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, your situation might worsen, as air-con upsets the moisture stability of your pores and skin.

Listed below are some hacks to fight the air-con results in your pores and skin:

  1. Ensure to maintain your pores and skin hydrated by ingesting a minimum of 8 cups of water, each day.
  2. Moisturise your pores and skin with a lotion, commonly. This counteracts the drying results that air-con has in your pores and skin.
  3. Keep away from extreme use of cleaning soap on the dry areas of your pores and skin. Use gentle soaps which are glycerine-based.
  4. Don’t grow to be too depending on air conditioners. If you happen to can’t flip them off at your workplace, strive to not use them at residence.
  5. Be sure to change your air-con filters each 4-6 weeks.