A plethora of skincare firms have glycerin as their key ingredient in them. Ever questioned why? It’s due to the variety of advantages that this ingredient has to supply. Need to know all about them? Maintain studying!
  • It’s good for shiny pores and skin too
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This colourless and odourless ingredient can also be known as as glycerol. It could actually both be naturally obtained from plant oils or could be synthetically produced. Glycerin is a humectant—which suggests it could actually retain moisture in your pores and skin.



One of many most important properties of glycerin additionally consists of attracting moisture from the air to the highest layer of the pores and skin (the place it’s utilized). Consider it as a protecting layer on the floor of your pores and skin that seals the moisture and retains it hydrated for longer durations of time.


For those who wrestle with excessive dryness that finally results in irritation, glycerin may help soothe it down. Its means to naturally appeal to water results in moisture retention. When your pores and skin retains moisture, it mechanically reduces irritability!


It’s good for shiny pores and skin too

It’s perfect for oily skin too

Glycerin not solely works its magic on dry pores and skin, but additionally works brilliantly on oily pores and skin. Regardless that your oily pores and skin doesn’t require that further enhance of moisturisation, it wants water to remain hydrated, which glycerin supplies effectively.

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Combats zits

Glycerin is energy filled with antibacterial properties that concentrate on your zits and pimples straight. Common utilization of glycerin primarily based merchandise will successfully cut back the looks of zits in your pores and skin.


Lack of glycerol in your pores and skin trigger your pores and skin cells to mature rapidly. Whenever you use merchandise which have glycerin as an ingredient, it indicators the cells to mature usually. Additionally it is used as an efficient treatment for psoriasis—a pores and skin illness wherein pores and skin cells shed quick, inflicting it to turn out to be scaly and thick.


BB Picks

BB Picks

We suggest utilizing merchandise corresponding to Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Physique Lotion that consists of glycerin infused with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly which triples the pores and skin moisture. It’s non-sticky, non-greasy and has an exquisite perfume!